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Life Insurance - Term and whole life savings plans. Coverage for hard-to-insure clients declined by regular insurance companies.

Critical Illness Insurance with refund of premiums upon early loss of life or policy expiry.

Disability Insurance provides partial income during disability due to accidental injury and/or sickness.


Drugs, Dental & Extended Health Insurance plans for individuals and groups of 5 or more people.

Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance (with pre-existing conditions) available for visitors to Canada, SuperVisa holders, skilled workers, and new immigrants. 


Super Visa Medical Insurance for up to 2 years on a monthly payment basis.


Travel Insurance covering medical expenses up to $10 million for Canadians travelling out of province/country for multiple annual trips or single year-long trips.

Student Medical Insurance for Canadians studying abroad and international students studying in Canada. 

Expatriate Medical Insurance Plan for Canadians living and working abroad, providing $1-2 million coverage of medical expenses like hospital and outpatient services, emergency dental treatment, and health care during short visits to Canada.

24-Hour Accident Protector - worldwide, 24-hours-a-day coverage for accidental loss of life and dismemberment, with double indemnity. 

RESP (Registered Education Saving Plan) 

with flexible payment options.


RRSP (Registered Retirement Saving Plans) and 
TFSA (Tax Free Saving Account)

Mortgage Term Insurance - flexible, guaranteed, cost-effective, and secure insurance plans to best meet your protection needs. 

Policy Review & Reliable Referrals - free review of existing insurance policies with suggestions for any necessary changes. Referrals for home and auto insurance, and real estate.

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