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It's about having control



It's about getting the most from your money

  • Your lender owns the policy. If you find a better rate at another lending institution, you may have to re-qualify medically for insurance protection.

  • The lender automatically pays off the balance of your mortgage if you pass away. Your beneficiaries cannot decide how to use the funds.

  • You have a lending institution employee to look after you.


  • The cost of coverage may increase every year while coverage remains the same.

  • Insurance protection stops when the property is sold.

  • Generally, mortgage life insurance from lending institutions is non-convertible - no cash values, premium flexibility, or ability to switch to a permanent insurance policy.


  • Lending institutions usually cover the exact amount of your mortgage.

  • Your coverage decreases while you pay off your mortgage. Once the mortgage is fully paid off, coverage stops.

  • Late mortgage payment = late mortgage insurance payment. At most banks, you lose your protection after 90 days.

  • The critical illness protection covers few basic illnesses.

  • You own the policy. You are free to switch your mortgage to another lending institution without jeopardizing your life insurance coverage.

  • Your beneficiaries decide how to use the funds - pay off the mortgage, provide monthly income, or take care of more immediate needs.

  • Your insurance and financial advisor to arrange and service the policy.


  • You choose the best solution and premium from a range of term and permanent insurance plans that maintain your premium level for a specific time period. 

  • Insurance protection continues even if the property is sold.

  • Most personal term life policies can be converted to permanent policies irrespective of your health changes, with no need to re-qualify medically.


  • Your coverage does not decrease while the mortgage is being paid and does not stop once it is fully paid. You may reduce the insurance amount as per your needs.

  • Your only obligation is to pay the premium so the policy remains active. Some companies offer a premium holiday.

  • Critical illness protection covers 24 major illnesses with or without return of premium.



It's about being covered

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